Did you know? The fastest growing renewable energy source in Canada is wind power
What is a Green Collar Career? Find out more!

Green Collar Careers can be either white or blue-collar jobs, with an eco-twist
White-collar and blue-collar are traditional terms to denote different types of work. White-collar jobs are typically office and clerical jobs, like administration, sales and marketing, whereas blue-collar jobs are typically more hands-on, like jobs in the trades and construction. These terms came from the idea that white-collar workers wear a suit to work, while blue-collar workers often wear a uniform.

Although there are lots of environmental issues that we’re passionate about, the GCC program focuses specifically on jobs in the growing green energy sector. There are many new green energy careers popping up that never existed before and require specialized training, such as
Geothermal Engineers or Energy Auditors, or Wind Turbine Technicians.

There are also many roles in the green collar sector designed for people with "transferable" skill sets, so careers as a
Software Developer, or Event Planner, or Policy Analyst could also be a green collar career. For example, a web designer can work for any number of companies, but a web designer who makes websites for an environmental company has a green collar career.