Did you know? Ontario will have an estimated 975 wind turbines by 2012
Sustainability Manager

Job Snapshot: 
As environmental responsibility and energy efficiency become bigger priorities amongst businesses and organizations, companies have begun employing personnel to deal specifically with its environmental practices. Sustainability Managers are responsible for the overall environmental picture within a company or organization, from cost analysis to policy implementation. You will develop energy efficiency or waste reduction policies, ensure that eco-friendly supplies and materials are being used, and monitor the overall environmental impact of the organization's operations. Working with a team, you will find practical and innovative ways to green your organization's practices.
Roles & Responsibilities: 
You will be designing and implementing environmentally friendly programs and policies in businesses, hospitals, NGOs or any number of other institutions. Whether it's creating a new waste reduction program or developing strategies to be more energy efficient, your work will ensure that your company or organization is taking its environmental responsibility seriously. Other responsibilities include conducting monitoring greenhouse gas emissions, surveying energy data and costs, and preparing status reports.
Environmental Understanding and Essential Skills: 

Understanding: energy efficiency principles, energy-saving technology, energy markets, and time-of-use pricing

Skills: critical thinking, problem solving, decision making, organization, communication, English, accounting, program management, research, writing

Education and Recommended Courses: 
University degree in Environmental Studies, Economics, or related field. Engineering degree is also relevant/useful. Relevant courses include sciences, computers, English, sociology, political science, environmental studies, mathematics/economics, and communications.
Potential Earnings: 
Employment Atmosphere: 

Relationships: As manager, you are responsible for a number of other employees. You may find yourself in meetings with government officials, other managers, and corporate officers.

Atmosphere: Your time is largely spent in an office, though some travel may be required if you are acting as a consultant or for policy recommendations.