Did you know? One of the fastest growing industries in Canada is the environmental industry!
Renewable Energy Researcher

Job Snapshot: 
Innovation is the name of the game! You spend your time in a lab and in the field taking measurements, making calculations, and analyzing data. As this field is changing every day, you must keep on top of the latest innovations, which can sometimes be challenging. With a dedication to sustainable energy sources, you may find yourself working on improving technologies for wind turbines, solar panels, hydroelectricity generators, geothermal plants or biomass facilities. As we seek to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, renewable energy researchers will be a critical component of a clean and green future.
Roles & Responsibilities: 
Your work will largely involve researching and experimenting with different types of renewable energy. You will also have to learn about generators, and may be involved in building and designing new models. Other duties may include conducting environmental impact assessments and writing detailed reports on your research.
Environmental Understanding and Essential Skills: 

Understanding: energy efficiency and thermodynamics principles, climate change, mechanical or electrical engineering.

Skills: innovation, report writing, technical knowledge, computers, mathematics, English, communication, attention to detail, analysis.

Education and Recommended Courses: 
University degree required in engineering, biotechnology, chemistry, or geology. Mathematics, English, physics, chemistry, biology, computers, and geology are all useful courses.
Potential Earnings: 
$50,000-$100,000 (depending on education and experience)
Employment Atmosphere: 

Relationships: Working as part of a team, you will be in communication with other researchers, interested stakeholders, clients, and colleagues.

Atmosphere: You may find yourself in a lab, in an office, or in the field. Your employer may be the government, a private company, or a university.