Did you know? Green jobs are growing more than twice as fast as other jobs in Canada
The Green Energy and Green Economy Act

 Green Collar Careers are on the rise! A lot of the managers and senior staff members currently in the green industry are set to retire in the next 10 years, which means the doors of opportunity are swinging wide open for you! Add to that the recent passing of the Green Energy and Green Economy Act and you get a career field booming with potential. So you can do your part to build a sustainable future AND put money in your pocket!

About the Green Energy and Green Economy Act:

The Green Energy and Green Economy Act was passed in 2009 and hopes to make Ontario the North American leader in clean, green energy.

Some important components of the act include:

  • Feed in Tariff (FIT) program – pays Renewable Energy generators a fixed price for 20 years (to sell electricity to the grid)
  • Domestic Content regulation – all renewable energy projects receiving a FIT contract must have a certain percentage of materials and labour “made in Ontario”- which means more jobs for Ontarians!

  • Has generated an estimated $5 billion in investments in areas such as design, manufacturing, construction and engineering in its first 2 months

  • Expected to bring in 50,000 new green jobs to Ontario over the next 3 year

For more information on the Green Energy and Green Economy Act, visit:

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