Did you know? The environmental sector employs scientists, farmers, engineers, skilled trades, policy analysts, students, and much more!
Event Planner

Job Snapshot: 
Are you good at planning? Do you like taking control of events to make sure everything runs smoothly? Do you want to actively participate in creating a sustainable future? Many different types of organizations need event planners and environmental institutions are no exception. You may find yourself planning an eco-awareness fair for a green NGO, or helping the government promote a new environmental regulation through a big media event. Whatever the case, your organization skills and great ideas are sure to make a big green splash!
Roles & Responsibilities: 
This position requires you to plan festivals, conferences, parties or media events for any number of different organizations. You will need to be highly organized and comfortable doing many things at once, as you will be managing all aspects of an event. You will be responsible for securing an appropriate venue for the event, managing a team of staff and volunteers, and ensuring that everything runs smoothly and efficiently. You will also be expected to “green” your event, which could mean hiring organic and local caterers, using electronic promotion to reduce paper use, and buying reusable event materials.
Environmental Understanding and Essential Skills: 

Understanding: resource reduction, energy efficiency.

Skills: creativity, innovation, problem solving, decision making, critical thinking, organization, English (being bilingual is an asset), team management, research, communication, attention to detail.

Education and Recommended Courses: 
College or university degree in communications, public relations, marketing, business, or related field is an asset, but experience may be enough. Useful courses include mathematics, English, geography, sociology, philosophy, and political science.
Potential Earnings: 
Employment Atmosphere: 

Relationships: As you will be managing all aspect of the event, you should be prepared to work with a diverse range of people. You may be managing a small team or working independently, depending on the size and nature of the event. You must have excellent people skills as this position is almost entirely interactive. Atmosphere: You may be working indoors or outdoors depending on the nature of the event, and you will likely spend time in an office in the planning stages.