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Environmental Impact Assessor

Job Snapshot: 
Environmental Impact Assessors review the feasibility of proposed development sites and evaluate the potential impacts on air, soil, water, and wildlife. They also evaluate the construction process itself, making sure that it conforms to regulations. More and more governments and investment agencies are making environmental site assessments mandatory for new development projects, so this field provides great opportunities to make a difference.
Roles & Responsibilities: 
You will be responsible for gathering and analyzing data from sites, conducting inspections, identifying potentially adverse effects and recommending preventative measures, ensuring that the site conforms to environmental regulations, meeting with residents or government agencies, and possibly making policy recommendations.
Environmental Understanding and Essential Skills: 

Understanding: familiarity with air/soil/water contaminants, chemical processes, and applicable regulations.

Skills: analytical, attention to detail, communication, report writing, English, technical language, computers, research.

Education and Recommended Courses: 
University degree in environmental science is a minimum requirement, though a master's degree is preferred. Useful courses include chemistry, biology, English, physics, sociology, political science, philosophy, mathematics, and geography.
Potential Earnings: 
$50,000-$100,000 (depending on experience and education)
Employment Atmosphere: 

Relationships: You may find yourself conducting meetings with local residents and businesses or in discussions with government offices. You will often work alone or as part of a small team and sometimes meet with other experts in the field.

Atmosphere: You will either be in an office or outdoors. Some travel may be necessary.

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