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Environmental Campaigner

Job Snapshot: 
Concerned about the environment? Want to inspire minds and make a difference? Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and charities often require passionate and creative thinkers to raise awareness and educate the public on specific environmental issues. These people, called campaigners, can play a crucial role in changing public attitudes and encouraging people to take action.
Roles & Responsibilities: 
Working on public outreach projects, coordinating media and awareness events, preparing promotional materials and budgetary planning are all required of a campaigner (to varying degrees depending on the organization and the scope of the initiative). You may be working on various aspects of a project at the same time, so multitasking is important.
Environmental Understanding and Essential Skills: 

Understanding: variety of environmental issues as determined by organization, familiarity with environmental public policy.

Skills: public speaking, decision-making, problem solving, critical thinking, organization, research, report writing, communication, attention to detail, analysis, project management.

Education and Recommended Courses: 
University degree in related field an asset, though combination of education and experience may be sufficient. Useful courses include English, sciences, sociology, psychology, political science, philosophy, geography, and anthropology.
Potential Earnings: 
Employment Atmosphere: 

Relationships: As you will be interacting with a variety of people, you must be adaptable to each situation. You may be presenting to government officials, other NGOs, businesses, citizens, or other members of your organization. You may also be responsible for a team of volunteers or other co-workers.

Atmosphere: Time will likely be split between office work and travel to different communities or conferences.