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Community Investment Manager

Job Snapshot: 
Do you wish the corporate world would lend a hand to support the community it serves? Community Investment Managers do just that. Working for large corporations, small businesses, charities, non-governmental organizations and financial institutions, Community Investment Managers help to fund projects that give back to the community. If you’re good with money, have great organization skills and love helping people, this could be the job for you!
Roles & Responsibilities: 
Your duties will include allocating resources (loans, grants, gifts-in-kind donations, etc.), facilitating programs, managing staff and volunteers, and communicating with non-profit groups and community members. You will be responsible for presenting your organization’s vision to the media and may also be required to organize events and other activities to promote your company’s involvement in the community.
Environmental Understanding and Essential Skills: 

Understanding: community needs, health and social wellness issues, various environmental issues

Skills: problem solving, decision-making, organization, project management, research, report writing, communication, attention to detail

Education and Recommended Courses: 
University degree in Communications, Public Relations, Business, or related field is necessary. Additional education or qualifications are an asset. Useful courses include English, mathematics, sociology, political science, philosophy, geography, and sciences.
Potential Earnings: 
Employment Atmosphere: 

Relationships: Working with a variety of stakeholders, you will communicate the ideas and goals of the organization. You may manage a team or work independently.

Atmosphere: Working largely in an office environment, though some travel may be required.